Unlike some years ago when sites were almost exclusively static, the standard nowadays is to have a feature-rich, dynamic website. Not many people can build this type of web site from scratch though, hence the handiest solution to have a dynamic website is to use a script application. A lot of hosting service providers offer script installers which you can use to add such an application for any of your domain name or subdomains, so you'll not have to set up anything manually. The advantage of using an installer tool is the fact that the scripts are available to use in a few minutes and the copy which will be set up is already with the settings needed for it to run the way it should on the specific hosting server, so you'll not have to adjust any script or account settings. This way you can quickly build one with simply a few clicks even if you have never had an Internet site before.

1-click Applications Installer in Cloud Web Hosting

If you choose any of our cloud web hosting plans, you'll get access to our custom-built 1-click script installer, that comes with over fifty applications. You'll be able to create any type of site that you want - a forum, a photo gallery, an online social network or an online store. You can use as many copies of a certain script and as many scripts, as you desire. As an example, you may have an electronic commerce site under your domain name along with a discussion board under a subdomain to be able to provide your clients with means to discuss your products. The installer will be available via your web hosting CP for free and using it is as easy as picking a script and a domain, then simply clicking the Install button. Our system will perform the rest, so a few moments later you will be able to sign in to the script’s administration area and start customizing your new site.

1-click Applications Installer in Semi-dedicated Servers

With a semi-dedicated server package from our company, you will be able to take advantage of our tailor-made script installation tool. It features more than fifty popular apps like Moodle, OpenCart, WordPress and 4Images, so you'll be able to build any kind of site with ease. There's no limit how many scripts you could use, so you can have one domain address and many subdomains, each using a different script, for example. Working with our tool is incredibly simple - you simply need to select an application and the path where you want it installed, and then type in the admin username and password for the script back office. You simply won't have to do anything manually, so even if you do not have any experience, you could still create a stunning dynamic website. In contrast to other providers, we won't request you to pay anything extra so that you can use our script installer.